My personal fitness journey started at a young age. I was an athlete all of my life pre-college and was very active in basketball and volleyball.

(You'll see some of that shine through in my workouts!) 

In college, I did what most college kids do and I experienced the Freshman 15, Sophomore 30, and Junior 45! By senior year, I had reached a number that I wasn't happy with (220-230ish)! Following undergrad, I participated in a semester long internship at a physical therapy clinic and felt motivated to get back in the swing of things with my workout regiment! FYI, I experienced 2 knee surgeries between high school and college graduation!!!

Working through the rehabilitation of my knee and being told by my doctor that I really needed to shed some pounds propelled me into a lifestyle "overhaul". Slowly but surely, I began to change - but nothing great is built overnight!

I began to be more concious about the food I was eating, the quality of my workouts and the importance of finding the "true" balance that it takes to lead and live a healthy lifestyle. Working in the healthcare field is taxing on the body enough and I wanted to make sure that I could have longevity within my desired career field.

My initial goal was simple: Look how I did in high school when I played basketball 5-6 days a week!

(My weight then hovered around 165lbs! You'll also learn quickly that I'm not a numbers person!)

Fast forward to 2017 and I have hit my goal! WHOO HOO!
But, I want more! I need more! I'm pushing for more! 
I tell people all the time, I'm never not working and I'm always pushing to be the best version of myself!

So, how did I get here? How did I hit my "magic number"?
I WORKED. I paced myself. I changed my eating. I CHEATED!!!

Weight loss is a maintenance thing! I didn't gain 50lbs overnight and definitely wasn't going to lose them overnight! It was a mental process, it was taxing on my body, on my spirit, and on my mind. But little by little, year by year, I pushed to lose 15-20lbs a year and maintain that weight loss & here we are!

This is my journey & I want to be apart of yours and help you to truly begin to



BEFORE - May 2013   220ish, 36% Body Fat

BEFORE - May 2013

220ish, 36% Body Fat

AFTER - May 2017   173, 26% Body Fat

AFTER - May 2017

173, 26% Body Fat

I'm still working. My body fat has changed drastically over the last few months and even the way that I look and feel has improved 10 fold.

It takes dedication. It takes persistence. It takes everything you have even when you don't feel like you have anything else left.


Everyday is a journey to becoming the best version of yourself and like a good friend told me..

"At the end of the day, if you aren't happy, you aren't successful."

So, it's time to...